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Creating your First Bundle
Creating your First Bundle

A step by step guide to the bundle creation process.

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Ready to build a bundle?

Thank you for choosing Bundle Builder! To date, we’ve helped Shopify merchants generate over $500 million in revenue through bundles.

If you’re new to Bundle Builder, you're in the right place. While this guide is not a complete reference manual, it covers all the essentials in detail. By the end, you’ll have a live bundle ready for sale on your site!

Your first bundle might take a bit longer as you familiarize yourself with the settings, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Soon, you’ll be able to create bundles with ease.

Steps for bundle building

Building a bundle is straightforward: you group complementary products and let customers choose what to purchase. Often, there’s an added incentive, such as discounts or freebies, to encourage buying more.

Customers feel great about their deal, and your store’s average order value increases—a win-win!

While the concept is simple, there are important factors to consider: the stages of the bundle, customer conditions, product selection, discounts, design, and details like shipping.

Here is what the Bundle Creation screen looks like:

To create a new bundle, navigate to 'Bundles' under 'Bundle Builder' in the left hand panel of your Shopify dashboard and click 'Create new bundle'.

Before you start

Before bundling, please complete the following admin tasks:

1. Product Setup: Go to the Shopify Products page and ensure all product details are correctly set up for each item you plan to bundle.

2. Variants: Ensure all product variants are in place, including variant images, weights, and shipping costs.

3. Third-Party Services: Ensure your bundled products do not use third-party services (e.g., Printful) for housing variants. Bundle Builder requires access to product information within your Shopify admin.

Proper setup ensures:

• Accurate store analytics

• Correct bundle images

• Optional: Split listings for each variant

Once these steps are complete, you’re ready to build your bundle!

Adding Products and Steps

After adding a Bundle name and uploading a Bundle image (much like a product image), you're ready to start adding products.

Steps are like sections. You can create a bundle with a single step, and it'll show all of your bundle products on a single page. Alternatively, you can create steps, guiding your customers through a bundle creation process.


The Step name appears below your bundle’s name on the bundle page. It can be something simple like “Create your bundle!”


While optional, a Step name can provide clarity, especially with multiple steps. For example, in a coffee bundle, you could name your steps:

1. Choose your coffee

2. Select an accessory

3. Add a free gift!


The Description is an optional field for describing a step. Use it to guide customers through the bundling process and set their expectations.

Alternatively, use this space to suggest popular combinations for inspiration. It’s a valuable opportunity to infuse brand personality and keep customers engaged!


You can add products manually, or import an entire collection.

Once you have added your products, then you can choose which variants you would like to enable in this specific bundle. You can even choose different product variants in different steps.


Limits allow you to set rules based on your bundle (or bundle step). You can set total bundle price, number of products, number of unique products, etc.

Required Products

If you have products that you want to force your customers to purchase as part of a bundle, here is where you do that.

You can allow your customers to choose which variant they require, or choose a specific variant.


While optional, many merchants use conditions to control how customers interact with the bundle. Customers must follow these conditions to add the bundle to their cart.

Bundle Builder allows two types of conditions.

  • Limit rules allow you to define specific parameters that tailor your bundle to meet precise criteria.

  • Additionally, you can add product conditions for individual products to dynamically show or hide them based on your set parameters.

Limit Rules

Limit rules specify when a bundle is eligible to be added to the cart. Any condition set here applies to the entire bundle.

Multiple Steps
If your bundle has multiple steps, you can create unique rules for each step via the Products tab. However, conditions set on this page must still be met to add the final bundle to the cart.

Multiple Conditions: If you create more than one condition, customers must satisfy all conditions to purchase the bundle. For example:

• Bundle price must be at least £28

• Total number of products must be at least 3

Bundle Builder will disable the “Add bundle to cart” button until all conditions are met.

Product Conditions

Conditions allow you to decide when your bundle qualifies for the cart. You can set requirements such as:

• Bundle price (before and after discount)

• Total number of products

• Amount of one product

• Number of different products

Pricing and Discount Settings


Discounts are optional but can significantly increase engagement and average order value. Bundle Builder’s discount engine has three stages:

1. Discount Category: Flat or Tiered

2. Discount Type: Percentage, Fixed discount, or Fixed price

3. Additional Discount Customizations

Discount Categories

Flat Discounts: Apply a single discount rate to the entire bundle, regardless of the number of products or total value.

Tiered Discounts: Offer increasing discounts as customers add more products to their bundle. This encourages higher spending by providing greater rewards for larger purchases.

Discount Types

Both Flat and Tiered categories offer three discount types:

1. Percentage Discount: A percentage off the total bundle value.

2. Fixed Discount: A specific monetary amount off the total bundle value.

3. Fixed Price: A set total bundle price.

Applying Tiered Discounts

Create multiple discounts based on bundle size or value with no limit on the number of tiers. Each tier can be based on:

• Total number of products

• Quantity of a single product

• Total bundle price

Set tier conditions, operators (e.g., greater than or equal to), and discount values.

Adding Multiple Discounts

By default, only the greatest discount is applied if a bundle qualifies for more than one discount. You can choose to apply all tiered discounts, but be cautious as it can drastically reduce the bundle price.

Discount Customizations

Each discount type offers additional customizations:

Minimum Purchase: Enable discounts once the bundle reaches a certain value.

Show Discounted Price: Display a ‘compare at’ price to show savings.

Allow Total Bundle Price to be 0: Enable if bundles can be free.

Design settings

In the top of the right panel, you'll find Design settings.

The Design Editor allows you to customize the look and feel of your bundles. By clicking “Launch Design Editor,” you can access a full-screen editor to pick a template, and adjust colors, spacing, layout, and more through an intuitive online interface.

Tips for Designing Effective Bundles

Consistency: Keep your design consistent with your overall brand to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Readability: Ensure text is easy to read by choosing contrasting colors and appropriate font sizes.

Visual Appeal: Use high-quality images and balanced spacing to create an attractive and professional look.

Product organization

Bundle Type

Bundle Builder still offers our two legacy bundling options - single and multiple SKU, but don't let the names confuse you. Standard - our recommended bundle type - uses Shopify's core bundling functionality to keep the order, fulfilment and management process as close to non bundle products as possible, and we highly recommend it.

For legacy users, we also recommend trialling Standard, or chatting with our support team to see if it can work for you.

Thank you for following along with this tutorial! We hope you found it helpful and are excited to see the bundles you create with Bundle Builder. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the chat button in the bottom right corner. We’re here to help!

Feel free to let me know if there’s anything else you need!

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