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Using accelerated and dynamic checkout options with Bundle Builder
Using accelerated and dynamic checkout options with Bundle Builder
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Accelerated and dynamic checkout options

Accelerated and dynamic checkout options (such as one-click buy buttons for Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and other third-party payment providers) can cause issues for bundle customers when they're enabled on the cart page or in the cart drawer. However, they won't cause any issues when used at the checkout stage.

Here's why

Accelerated and dynamic checkout options allow customers to purchase products in their cart faster by skipping the full checkout process. For Bundle Builder to work correctly, the app requires customers to advance to the checkout page in the traditional way.

This is because Bundle Builder generates the bundle product order using Shopify's draft order system. When a customer clicks a dynamic checkout option, Bundle Builder isn't able to complete this step which may result in the bundle not working or displaying a price of zero.

Where can I use accelerated payment options?

Dynamic checkout buttons should only be used on the Checkout page and not the Cart page.

The customer can use the accelerated checkout options on the Checkout page with no issue. But allowing the customer to use them on the Cart page will bypass the Shopify checkout, and direct the customers directly to the payment provider's checkout system.

This interrupts Bundle Builder's processing, and will cause the bundle to fail - showing as either out of stock or displaying incorrect or missing order details.

Hiding dynamic checkout options on the Cart page

There are two potential solutions for hiding these additional checkout options on the cart page and cart drawer. You could either:

  1. Hide the buttons via your theme's Theme Editor options (not applicable to all themes)

  2. Hide the buttons by adding custom CSS

Hiding buttons using your theme's Theme Editor options

Many themes now include the option to enable and disable accelerated and dynamic checkout options directly from your theme's Cart page settings within your Theme Editor. Please note, not all themes will have these options but it's worth following the steps below to check if your theme does:

Step 1: Load up the Theme Editor for your Online Store.

Step 2: Click Theme settings on the left side menu.

Step 3: Click Cart to expand the options list.

Cart - Dynamic Checkout Buttons.png

Note: The above screenshot is an example of what your Theme Editor settings might look like. Settings may differ depending on the theme you're using.

Step 4: See if you have an option relating to displaying dynamic checkout buttons and ensure it's disabled.

Step 5: Save your changes.

Adding custom CSS to hide dynamic checkout buttons

If your theme doesn't include options for displaying or hiding accelerated or dynamic checkout buttons in the Theme Editor, then you may still be able to hide buttons on your cart by adding custom CSS. We're not able to offer support for customizations but your theme's developer may be able to assist you.

If you need any further assistance with using CSS code, then we suggest reaching out to a Shopify Expert to help you with the task. HeyCarson and StoreTasker are recommended partners of Bundle Builder - both specializing in website development and offering free quotes for their services.

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