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Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Bundle Builder functionality.

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Can I edit my bundle URLs?
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Why are bundle prices showing as 'incorrect' or 'zero' on collection pages?
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What's the difference between bundle type and bundle structure?
How do I enable numbered tabs at the top of my multi-step bundle
How do I increase the size of the products on my bundle page?
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How do I add descriptions to my bundle page? (Text & images)
How do I add a header image to my bundle page?
Will my bundles still exist if I uninstall and reinstall Bundle Builder?
How can I hide and preview bundles?
Which bundle type should I use if I want to offer discount codes?
Why is the information on my dummy product page incorrect?
How do I enable inventory tracking?
How do I add bundles to collections?
How do I edit my auto-generated variant prefixes?
How do I display line item properties for my 'Legacy -Single SKU' bundles?
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How can I edit my bundle page?
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Where on my storefront can I display my bundle?
Can I use discount codes with Bundle Builder?
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Do my products need to be available outside of a bundle?
Is Bundle Builder compatible with draft orders?
Which bundle type should I use for selling non-physical products?
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Why are bundle customers directed to the cart page instead of the cart drawer?
Why is my bundle page missing?
Why is my bundle price showing as 'zero' at the checkout?
Why aren't my quantity selectors working on the cart page?
Can I use Quick Shop with bundles?
How do I uninstall Bundle Builder?
Wrong price in the cart?